Showing your appreciation for your employees is one thing you can do to increase team loyalty, morale and productivity. So why aren’t you doing it more often?
Companies that show they value employee contributions and care about the well-being of each employee have seen increased productivity. However, there are two challenges bosses face in implementing this. First is making time to show appreciation and second are budget restraints. Let’s remove the budget issue and focus on what you can do without spending money to recognize your team.

Say thank you in person. While publicly acknowledging an employee’s work is great, it doesn’t go far enough. Too often, managers only announce achievements in group meetings or emails. Go one step further and make the time to have a one-on-one conversation. During your meeting, specifically and sincerely acknowledge not only the work the employee has done but the value the individual brings to the workplace.

Smiles and acknowledgment go a long way. Saying good morning, hello or goodbye is not only polite, it acknowledges the employee. You may not be a morning person, but that’s not an excuse for ignoring people. Congratulating an employee on a milestone with the company or wishing happy birthday are subtle ways to show you care. Good leaders are self-aware, which means they understand how their words and actions are perceived by others.

Give time off or flex schedule.  Each employee is motivated by something different. One option is to give an employee time off. This isn’t exactly free, but it doesn’t require a separate budget. Another option is to offer a temporary flex schedule which would allow an employee to adjust the hours they are in the office. Or you may allow an employee to work remotely. Every organization has rules and regulations around how time off, flex time and remote work are administered. You may have to get creative in how you implement these rewards to allow your employees access.