A proposed Austin city ordinance, due to be voted on by the City Council on February 15th, may require all private employers to pay sick leave to part-time and seasonal employees. Currently, many businesses offer leave for only full-time employees.

Under the ordinance part-time and seasonal employees would:
• Accrue one hour of sick time for every 30 hours they work, capped at 64 hours.
• Begin using sick leave as soon it as it is earned.
• Use sick leave for physical and mental illness or injury, chronic health issues and preventive treatment of either the employee or his or her family members. It also covers certain absences due to legal or court-ordered action.

Impact to Employers:
• Required to provide sick leave for any part-time or seasonal employee who works for more than 80 hours in a year.
• Balances would roll over into the following year. Sick time hours would be paid as straight time.
• Track employee leave and provide employees with their leave balances.
• Develop a PTO policy if none exists.
• Require revisions to existing company paid time off policy.
o If PTO is already provided, ensure all employees are included in the policy.
o If vacation time off is provided, consider revising to a PTO format to include sick time.

At this time there is little information available about how the city ordinance would be implemented. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, neither Texas nor federal law requires private employers to provide paid sick leave