Tying for the second lowest with College Station, Austin’s unemployment rate remains one of the best in Texas. However, the rapid growth in labor force continues to outpace the number of jobs being created. What does this mean for business owners and hiring managers?

The rapid growth in Austin’s labor force makes trying to locate the best candidate more time consuming and labor intensive. This is because the volume of candidates applying is likely to increase. You may find yourself with 300 to 400 resumes to sort through for one position. The race to process all these candidates in a timely manner is difficult on your own, but is necessary if you want your offer to be given proper consideration.

Having a recruiting team immensely benefits you in this situation. Premier HR Solutions’ recruiting team knows how to efficiently and effectively source candidates and present your offer in a timely manner, putting you first in the race for the war on talent. Candidates lose interest, especially top tier candidates, and will be snatched before you even have a chance to interview them. Bring in Premier’s recruiting team to help you divide and conquer, bringing in the best possible candidate for the job.

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