As a CEO or owner of a company, how much more productive could you be if you had someone to delegate five to ten hours per week of administrative duties.  Have you ever considered the benefits that a dynamic administrative assistant brings to the CEO or owner of a company?  How much is it costing you to complete administrative tasks that could be easily delegated to an administrative assistant with a much lower salary, and perhaps more efficient with performing these duties.


For most organizations, this extra ten hours a week would roughly pay for most of the administrative assistant’s salary.  You may be scratching your head wondering how.  Its pretty simple, just calculate your hourly rate and multiply it by 10 hours.  For example,  if you make $200,000 per year, your hourly rate would be $96.15.  Multiply that by 10 and it is $961.50 per week.  That is the cost of you completing only ten hours of administrative duties per week.  This calculates to roughly $49,000 per year of savings which you could use to pay a full time  administrative assistant.  In reality, good assistants save their bosses much more than that. Key ingredients to making the executive-assistant dynamic work are delegating wisely and finding the right fit.

Delegating wisely.
The most effective executives think about their workload that can be taken on—or restructured to be partially taken on—by the assistant. An assistant can draft replies to e-mails, manage information flow, deal with basic financial management, attend meetings, and do more planning and organizing.

Finding the Right Fit
Hiring the right assistant can be a challenge. In some ways, it’s trickier than filling traditional management positions, because personal chemistry and the one-on-one dynamic are so important. Executive–assistant relationships are business partnerships: Strong ones are win-wins between smart people. In fact, they’re win-win-wins because ultimately the companies reap the benefits.

The best assistants are indispensable, they’re troubleshooters, translators, help desk attendants, diplomats, human databases, travel consultants, and ambassadors to the inside and outside world. Let us help you find the right fit assistant with our Premier Professional Services.