Many experts are predicting that by 2020, there will be 200 billion connected electronic devices.   Cars, planes, the cities we live in and even our household pets will be connected.  As we integrate technologies more and more into our everyday lives, the more we leave ourselves and our companies vulnerable to hackers and cybersecurity issues.


We see examples of this every day.  In 2015, two hackers — Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek — took control of a Jeep Cherokee’s UConnect system, an internet-connected feature that controls everything from the car’s GPS, to a driver’s ability to make phone calls.  From their home nearly 10 miles away, they could turn on the radio, crank the air conditioning and even frighteningly cut the transmission.  After doing this demonstration, Fiat Chrysler Automotive recalled 1.4 million vehicles to install software preventing this type of hacking.


In today’s business world, we often see a lack of knowledge about the importance of cybersecurity.  Some companies are indifferent, while some don’t even know where to start with preventing these types of breaches.


It’s clear that there are growing cybersecurity problems, but the biggest question you should be asking yourself is “Can my company afford a catastrophe like this?” In 2014, Sony Corp’s movie studio was involved in one of the worst computer hacks on U.S. soil, costing the company nearly $100 million dollars and also a hit to their reputation for a perceived failure to safeguard information.  For something as simple as a password breach, the aftershocks can be devastating to business.


Is your IT department prepared to handle Cybersecurity?  If the answer is “no” or “not sure”, you are not alone.   Cybersecurity can be a difficult landscape to navigate, so you may need to bring in an expert to help locate the talent to fill this void.  Our Senior Level Talent Acquisition Specialist has over twenty years of experience and has a national network of IT professionals to find exactly what It takes to keep your company and customers safe.


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