With the workplace landscape ever so changing, many business owners are faced with the dilemma of when do they need a human resource professional on their team? The recent headlines of mandatory sick leave, sexual harassment allegations and rising employment litigation have heightened the need for ensuring that your company employment practices are current and legal. Add to this the war for talent where demand for skilled and competent individuals is higher than the supply and the need heightens even more.

Even a start-up company will need to establish the people processes when they launch and as they develop. What are the signs that you may need a human resource professional?

Below are some indicators that you need to call in a HR Pro:
· You have hiring demands. Either your business is growing, and you have new positions, or you have vacancies to fill.
· You can’t keep up with your hiring demands. You and your management team are too busy concentrating on the operations of your business to manage the recruiting processes.
· You are not sure of what employment laws apply to your business or do not know these laws.
· You are unsure if you are paying your employees fairly or competitively.
· Your “people” cost seem to be rising and you need some guidance on cost savings measures related to staffing, compensation and benefits.
· Your employee turnover is high or rising.
· You don’t have the basic human resource infrastructure needed to grow your workforce. (Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Training, New Hire Onboarding)
· You are unsure how to handle some of the employee relations issues.

Hiring a human resource “pro” doesn’t have to be costly. Many companies are outsourcing the human resource function to consulting companies who provide services on a fractional model, meaning that the services are provided on a part time basis or on demand as needed. Ensuring that your “people processes” are managed correctly are imperative for mishaps can be costly and disruptive to your business.