Premier HR Solutions CEO and Founder Scholley Bubenik has joined the Forbes contributor network to share her vast knowledge of HR best practices, recruitment, retention, and employee engagement.

Bubenik joins Forbes as a contributor shortly after the publication of her first book, People Power: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Human Capital. She has been managing the people side of business since she founded her first company at 24 years old. Today, she is the CEO of Premier HR Solutions, a company she began in 2013 to meet the Human Resources needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.

I have always been an entrepreneur and understood how important the right people are to having success. To that end, I spent 20 years in Human Resource Management, working at the highest level with growing companies and entrepreneurs. Five years ago, I launched Premier HR Solutions, a company that serves other growing companies and advises them on all aspects of human capital. My first book, People Power: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Human Capital, published in October of 2018.

Scholley Bubenik

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