As an entrepreneur, you put a great deal of effort into surrounding yourself with top notch people who add to the success of your business. The talent and drive of your team often determine the overall outcome of your project.  Yet there is one position often overlooked by the most discerning entrepreneurs. No, it isn’t your VP or manager. It is your executive assistant.

Here are a couple of reasons why hiring an executive assistant is a great idea.

A talented executive assistant will compliment your weaknesses

While most entrepreneurs prefer not to focus on their own short comings, an awareness of areas that may affect productivity and profitability can be an asset when hiring an executive assistant. Finding an executive assistant with soft skills that compliment the entrepreneur is a bonus.

Added level of professionalism

An effective executive assistant helps promote your brand by adding another level of professionalism.  Do you answer your own phone calls? Do you schedule your own appointments? If so, you could be missing out on opportunities that were withheld simply because a client wasn’t willing to take you seriously.

If you find yourself being pulled away from your core business with any of these duties, then it may be time to consider hiring an administrative assistant:
• Preparing documents, proposals, agreements and contracts
• Managing your emails
• Simple Bookkeeping- invoicing, general QuickBooks entries
• Scheduling meetings
• File management
• Scheduling travel
• Creating PowerPoint presentations
• Managing the office, ordering supplies, maintaining the space.
• Corresponding with venders
• Managing your CRM
• Managing your social media
• New hire onboarding and training

Consider Premier Professional Services, a new division of Premier HR Solutions consulting and recruiting services. Premier Professional Services was established as a need that we identified with our clients and small business owners. A need for professional administrative assistants who can help the business owner with administrative duties on a part time basis. As one business owner stated, why would I continue to do administrative tasks when I could be growing my business? Others see the importance and cost savings of utilizing their time on sales, marketing and management duties rather than administrative duties.

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