When you’re contemplating a career change or path, there are dozens of things to consider, from life satisfaction to job security. At the top of that list, of course, is salary: how will you be compensated for some of the jobs you’re considering?

Recent job statistical analysis by American City Business Journals makes it easy to see the top 21 Austin occupations. G. Scott Thomas of the Buffalo Business Journal ranked the 2017 data from the Occupational Employment Statistics program of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, looking for jobs that scored a perfect “100” on his ranking system. He analyzed data from a whopping 106 metro areas around the United States, sharing a truly dizzying amount of information about which professions pack the most paycheck punch.

Power Professions in Austin, Ranked

According to Thomas’ analysis, the top 21 occupations for Austin pay significantly more than the area’s nonfarm annual salary average of $51,840. These jobs hit the sweet spot of generous salaries and high concentration. Most of these industries post more available positions in Austin than elsewhere in the nation.

Take, for instance, the salary for salespersons for technical products. Coming in at $120,950 a year, a technical products salesperson makes well over double the average Austin nonfarm annual salary. The availability of these positions is also worth noting. There are over 10,000 technical products salespeople in the Austin area, significantly higher than the national average.

We’ve put the data for the Austin area’s 21 “power professions” together into an easy-to-read chart. Check it out to find out how your industry stacks up against the competition.

Austin Power Professions Ranking

Created using data from Austin Business Journal

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