Here at Premier HR Solutions, we know that growing your business requires enormous investments of time, energy, and capital. But at the end of the day, your success pivots on your most valuable asset: your people. Your team will be the key to your company’s future. 

Finding, recruiting, hiring, and managing a team full of top talent isn’t an easy task. And chances are, you don’t have an HR expert readily available to answer dire questions about employment laws, training, handbooks, and other Human Resources tasks. That’s where we come in. One of our most popular services is called HR On Demand. With HR On Demand, you have access to experts with years of experience and knowledge to draw on. A dedicated advisor will be on call every step of the way, helping you through the often complex and sensitive HR issues companies encounter. Here’s what our HR On Demand services are all about.

What is HR On Demand?

HR On Demand is a package of services we provide to our clients that is highly personalized and tailored to a company’s needs. We provide an assigned HR advisor to each of our HR On Demand clients who is available to guide, consult, and direct our clients on employee relations matters.

How Do Clients Use HR On Demand?

HR On Demand is a flexible package of services and our clients use it in a wide variety of ways. Many need support and expertise on discipline, termination, and performance improvement for their employees. Others are looking for assistance in managing unemployment claims or investigating workplace injury or harassment claims. Other companies need individual management coaching and training. We even provide special projects through HR On Demand services, including specialized training sessions, employee handbook development, company culture development training, and career development programs.

What Are the Benefits of HR On Demand? 

There are many benefits of HR On Demand, including access to an HR expert at your fingertips, anytime you need one. But the primary advantage of using HR On Demand services is the mitigation of risk. With a dedicated, experienced HR advisor to help you through sensitive situations, you’ll be able to navigate employment issues successfully and avoid potential pitfalls. HR On Demand is also highly cost-effective since you only pay for services as you need them—in other words, on demand.

HR On Demand can be a great solution for companies looking to manage their growing team while keeping a handle on their budget and operating costs. If you’d like to learn more about HR On Demand services, contact us.


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Scholley Bubenik, principal/owner, has over twenty years of senior management experience. She has a Master’s Degree in human resource management from the University of Texas and is PHR Certified. Scholley began managing people at the age of 24 when she opened her own business. She quickly realized the challenges business owners face in the management of people. Scholley has helped numerous companies in multiple industries establish human resource departments. She has proven success in managing all human resource activities including payroll, benefits, employee development, recruiting, compensation and employee relations. She understands and is comfortable working at a fast pace that start-up and expanding companies demand.