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About Premier HR

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Premier HR Solutions For Any Size Business

Premier HR Solutions is an HR consulting firm serving small to medium size businesses. The company specializes in working with business owners to provide solutions to their human resource needs. The company partners with businesses who are looking to start up a formal or informal HR department as well those only interested in developing and implementing a specific employee “people” program.

Why Choose Us?

We provide senior HR leadership without the high cost of employing a full time senior HR professional. We’ll become a member of your team offering discreet guidance and customized solutions. We’re not here to judge you or your problems, just to give you and your team a plan and resolutions. No project is too big or small for our experienced HR advisors.

Premier HR Solutions provides a variety of valuable HR services to emerging companies. If your company is seeking HR Solutions that are similar to any of these, then call us today for a free consultation:

  • Is your company struggling to keep up with your business growth?
  • Is your talent pool a roadblock for reaching your business goals?
  • Do you need assistance with recruiting or developing a recruiting strategy?
  • Do you need assistance developing and implementing a staffing plan to help your company grow?
  • Are you unsure of how your company is complying with federal and state employment regulations?
  • Is there a specific “people” program you would like to develop but don’t have the expertise or time to commit? (Such as employee development, on-boarding, retention)
  • Are you starting a business and need HR advice, but not wanting to hire a full time resource?

Once we have your programs established, we will train your employees how to maintain them without the large overhead cost associated with senior HR management.

Our Clients Agree:

I am small business owner with 25 employees. I don’t have all the answers when it comes to HR issues like disciplinary action and how to resolve complex issues regarding employee behavior. HR Solutions provides me professional support when I need it the most. They prep me on how to handle these issues with confidence and I am grateful for that service and expertise.


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