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4 Ways to Recruit Out-of-State Talent to Relocate to Austin

It’s no secret that the Austin metro area is booming. Recent job growth reports show a steady upward climb: most recently, Austin clocked in at 16th in the nation for overall job growth. With record-low unemployment rates and a rapidly-changing recruitment atmosphere, Austin-area businesses are experiencing the double-edged sword of a booming economy. On the one hand, companies are growing and there’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. On the other hand, it’s harder than ever to find top talent to help your business continue to thrive.

STEM Field Recruiting in Austin: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

In Austin, the STEM fields are on an upward swing, and the growth doesn’t show signs of slowing. The most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Austin’s STEM occupations account for 11.1% of the labor market, making the metro area the 6th most concentrated in STEM jobs in the nation.

Gender Pay Inequity: How to Establish Equal Pay in Your Company

Women in the workforce might be “happy” at their current position, but they’re job searching anyway. It’s not hard to see how this factors into an environment where it’s truly an “employee’s market”—with record low unemployment rates, employees have the power, and it’s essential that your company take note if you want to attract, hire, and retain top talent in your industry.

What Should You Pay Your Employees?

Attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent is already a tall order, and today’s increasingly tight job market is only making it more difficult. To remain competitive in a modern job market like the one we’re in today, it’s critical for companies to review all of the ways they’re attracting talent, and of course, compensation is high on the top of that list.

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