We Can Find The Right Candidate For Any Position

HR Hiring and Recruiting

We provide HR expertise in both direct- hire and contract recruiting. We can find the best candidate for any open position within your company on a contingency basis, or we can deploy a team of professional recruiters for a set number of weeks to recruit for your company. We offer well defined and orchestrated solutions that come from our depth of knowledge and experience in our field. At this level, we become the company’s HR Executive partner developing recruitment strategies to attract top talent.

Over the last ten years we have developed a very effective and customized recruiting approach that has proven time over time our great results for selecting the best candidate. We call this The Right Source Method.

Direct-Hire Recruiting

  • Develop the job description
  • Create the job posting
  • Advertise the position
  • Screen resumes
  • Interview candidates
  • Schedule and record video interviews
  • Schedule interviews for your hiring managers
  • Conduct employment references
  • Facilitate the offer and negotiations

Contract Recruiting

  • Hire our team of professional recruiters for a set number of weeks or months to recruit for your company.
  • Let our team teach you best practices so you can do this yourself.

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