HR Strategies For Any Size Business

HR Strategies

We provide HR expertise in developing strategies and programs from an Executive Human Resource perspective that will maximize your human resource capital. Your company will have a dedicated HR Executive Partner that works with you and your management team.

We can handle complex and strategic initiatives so that the business owner can focus on business development and their customers. We manage complex employee relations issues, mentor and coach front line supervisors, and strategically plan and execute HR programs directed at increasing employee retention, improving employee performance, and hiring top talent.

Recruitment Strategies

How are you going to hire the best talent, not just those with the experience and credentials, but those that truly align with your company culture and will fit in with the group?  What does top talent look like?  This includes more than SKA’s – skills, knowledge and abilities.  It includes the behaviors and traits one needs to work collaboratively in your company with other team members and with your customers.  Where will you find this talent?  How will you portray your company so that top talent will be attracted to work for you?  What does your company offer you to entice people to work for you?  This leads into the next category.

Compensation Strategies

What is your compensation philosophy and what will your compensation package include? Where does your company want to position themselves in the general market in regards to salary- mid salary range, lower twenty five percentile or top twenty five percentile?  Most companies think of compensation only in terms of salary and bonuses, but this includes health benefits, time off work, holidays, special perks like working from home days, time off to volunteer at local nonprofits, rewards and recognitions, casual dress code, the breakroom goodies, etc.  How can you utilize your benefits to offset any areas where you are not highly competitive?

Training and Development Strategies

Some companies are unable to offer highly competitive salaries and benefit packages.  One way to offset this problem is to develop a training program with clearly defined career development paths for your employees.   Job seekers today are looking at more than salary when deciding on employment.  A company that offers a training program and develops their people can be more attractive than salary alone. Creating and implementing effective training programs are attractive to both employees and management because they offer a way to develop your employees, which generally contributes to greater employee retention thus increasing productivity and profitability.

Retaining Top Talent Strategies

In addition to training and development programs that contribute to retaining top talent, ensuring that your management team is developing a culture of respect in the workplace and instilling your company core values also are important.  Are your managers effective in motivating and engaging your employees?  Are you establishing and communicating clear expectations to your employees and providing regular feedback and dialog?  Do your employees believe your company is a good place to work?  Do your company values align with your workforce?

Managing Risks

Managing risk seems to be the most feared among management when thinking about human resources.   Avoiding being sued and knowing how to navigate through troubling times, compliance, overtime regulations, and the ever-changing employment laws are concerns of most organizations.  I have found that if you implement the right strategies for the other four areas, then managing risk is minimized.

HR Strategic

  • Evaluate your operations to ensure you have the most efficient staffing levels
  • Develop employee retention programs
  • Create career development and training programs
  • Evaluate and implement cost effective employee benefits plan
  • Compare compensation levels to the market and recommend changes to remain competitive
  • Provide HR Advising – day to day “people management” to your management team
  • Create and deliver customized training programs to employees (customer service, leadership, conflict resolution, etc.)
  • Provide human resource strategic plan for M&A related to communication, culture, morale, downsizing, and transition

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