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You can’t ignore your people processes.

Most startup and emerging small businesses are fairly unconcerned about human resource functions in their company. In fact, some entrepreneurs have a sense that human resources are all about strict guidelines, red tape, and ridiculous rules enforced by the HR Police—all things that could impede the growth and dynamics of a fast-growing company. But even start-ups need HR and ignoring your “people processes” could cost you profitability. 

What You’ll Learn

  • How to develop your HR infrastructure on a start-up budget

  • The crucial HR strategies you need for compensation, payroll, and budgeting

  • How to stay compliant and protect your company

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Do you have a strategy to win the war for talent?

As unemployment rates fall, your company will likely enjoy the benefits of a burgeoning economy. But that’s not the only effect you’ll experience: you’ll also notice that acquiring talent for your company becomes costlier and more difficult. As the number of job seekers goes down, the war for talent only becomes more heated.

What are you doing to win the war for talent? Scholley Bubenik’s white paper takes on this topic and provides a detailed strategy for recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent.

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